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How do I bridge funds to Polygon?
How do I bridge funds to Polygon?
Written by Jun Hao Lim
Updated over a week ago

BasedApp is built on Polygon, this means that in order to use BasedApp, you may have to bridge your funds over from other blockchains where your assets are stored.

How to bridge funds from Ethereum/ BNB Chain/ Arbitrum/ Optimism etc to BasedApp

  1. Assuming that your funds are stored in your own wallets and not in a centralized exchange, you can make use of decentralized Bridges to bridge your funds across to BasedApp.

  2. A popular Bridge that we like to use is Bungee. Bungee is a bridge aggregator, this means that they aggregate all of the popular bridges to get the cheapest and fastest route for you.

  3. Go to their dashboard, and connect your wallet with your funds to Bungee

  4. Select your bridge asset and enter how much you want to bridge. Select the chain you are bridging from and make sure that your destination chain is Polygon as indicated in the screenshot.

  5. Bungee automatically optimizes for the best route for you.

  6. Next, go to to find your BasedApp wallet address. Go to the wallet tab and copy this address.

  7. Go back to the Bungee bridge dashboard and add the receipient address as your BasedApp wallet address. Bungee will bundle the bridge and send events together, so that you do not have to manually send your funds across after bridging! How convenient!

  8. Depending on your bridge route and what chain you are bridging from, you should see your funds in your BasedApp wallet soon!

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