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Deposit into BasedApp from popular Exchanges
Deposit into BasedApp from popular Exchanges
Written by Jun Hao Lim
Updated over a week ago

Kickstart your self-custody journey!

You can deposit your digital assets from your favorite exchange into BasedApp. We have helpfully listed out the instructions on how to deposit below.


Supported Tokens




✅ Supported


✅ Supported



✅ Supported



❌ Not Supported

Coinbase requires users to verify self-custodial wallets by signing a message using the self-custodial wallet to proof ownership.

At present, as BasedApp is a smart contract wallet, there is no functionality for signing of messages, hence there can not be direct transfer of funds from Coinbase to BasedApp.

A simple workaround would be to use an interim metamask wallet, but that will require gas (MATIC) in the interim wallet to transfer to BasedApp



❌ Not Supported

CoinHacko does not support Polygon network withdrawal directly.

A workaround would be to either send funds from CoinHacko to another exchange account or send your funds to an Ethereum address which you control and bridge your funds across - following our bridge guide

How to deposit from Binance

  • From your Binance account, navigate to the "Withdraw Crypto" page-

  • Select the token that you wish to withdraw. This token must be available on Polygon. Some popular tokens include - USDC, USDT, MATIC, WETH.

  • Select MATIC (POLYGON) from the list of available withdrawal network. If this option is not available, it means that either Binance does not support the withdrawal of this asset to Polygon or this token is not available on Polygon.

  • There will be a small gas fee attached to the transfer out, once you confirm the transfer, you should see your transferred digital assets reflected on your BasedApp smart wallet within 5 minutes.

How to deposit from

  • Access your “Crypto Wallet” from within the app.

  • Select “Transfer” > “Withdraw” > “External Wallet”

  • Take note that there is a SGD$20K limit for non-custodial wallet withdrawal within the app.

  • You will have to add you BasedApp smart wallet address to the Whitelist, confirm you are the owner of the wallet address and continue.

  • Ensure that you have selected “Polygon” under the selection for “SELECT NETWORK”.

  • Once you have added the smart wallet address to the whitelist, you can then transfer your digital assets from to your BasedApp wallet.

How to deposit from Kucoin

  • On your Kucoin app, select Assets > Withdrawal > Crypto > the digital asset you want to deposit into BasedApp

  • Make sure the withdrawal is “on-chain” and copy in your BasedApp smart wallet address into the Wallet Address field.

  • Select “Polygon” as the network and withdraw. If done correctly, you should see your assets in BasedApp within 5 minutes.

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