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Can I withdraw from the BasedApp Card?
Can I withdraw from the BasedApp Card?
Written by Jun Hao Lim
Updated over a week ago

Yes! You can always withdraw the remaining XSGD balance from the BasedApp card at any time to your BasedApp wallet, subject to a 3 day withdrawal delay.

This withdrawal delay is built in to ensure that there are no existing uncovered charges on your BasedApp visa card.

To do so, simply head in-app, under the card screen and select Withdraw

Thereafter, enter how much XSGD you want to withdraw and click Withdraw. We will help you submit the transaction on-chain to trigger the withdrawal process from the BasedApp card.

Once the transaction has been submitted on-chain, you should see a new tab - Pending Requests on the Withdrawal modal.

The timer will count down 3 days from the submission of the withdrawl transaction. Once the timer is up, you will be able claim the withdrawal amount from the card into your BasedApp wallet!

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