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How do I add other login method (ie. Login with Google) to my account?
How do I add other login method (ie. Login with Google) to my account?

Want to add Google Login to your account? Learn how to add additional email/ phone number or alternate login method to your account here.

Written by Jun Hao Lim
Updated over a week ago

As explained here, your BasedApp wallet is a smart contract wallet which is controlled by you via various signing methods - namely Social Logins (Sign in with Google, email/phone login method) and your own web3 wallets (Metamask, Ledger, Trust Wallet etc).

When you first sign up for the wallet, we will help you initialize a smart contract wallet which is solely controlled by you with your choice of login method (Social/ Web3 Wallets). This means that you login method is actually the key to unlock and use this smart contract wallet.

Because BasedApp is built on top of SAFE Core, you will be able to add additional backup addresses to your BasedApp smart wallet. This allows you to login to your BasedApp account with the backup address.

Social Login Backup

To add backup addresses based off another social login method, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and choose your backup method for social login. Choose an alternate method from one that you have original signed up with. (ie. if you had signed up with "Continue with Google", choose Email or Phone login)

  2. Magic Link will create a brand new account for you. You need to go to your profile page on this new account, and copy the owner address as per the screenshot below.

  3. Log out of this account and sign back into your main account (using "Continue with Google"). Head to your profile page and click "Add backup address"). Paste your previously copied owner address in the textbox and click "Add backup address"

  4. We will help you submit a transaction onchain to add this new owner address to your BasedApp smart wallet. Once it is confirmed, you will have the flexibility to sign in from both of the login methods, as both login methods should point correctly to the correct smart contract wallet.

  5. If you face any issues, simply contact us via the in-app chat or email us.

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