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BasedApp features explained
BasedApp features explained
Written by Jun Hao Lim
Updated over a week ago

BasedApp features can be categorized into 2 categories - wallet and card.

The wallet acts as a crypto wallet that enables you store your cryptocurrencies securely. In addition, we have built additional functions leveraging upon the power of account abstraction to supercharge this wallet.

With the wallet, you will be able to:

  1. Secure your wallet with social login (Google and Email). No more fiddling with secret keys and passcodes.

  2. Reserve your BasedApp username. Send crypto to friends on BasedApp (Peer-to-peer transfers) free!*

  3. One-click transactions

    1. 1-click invest: Approve token spend + deposit tokens into your favorite DeFi platform

    2. 1-click swap: Approve token spend + swap token on your favorite DEX

    3. Boosted yields? The list goes on…

  4. Investments on auto-pilot. Automate your purchases of your favorite token without locking up your funds.

    1. Recurring swaps: Automate your investing into your favorite tokens on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

    2. Savings Vault: Direct integration with DeFi protocols like Compound to enable you to earn yields on your idle USDC.e holdings

    3. More coming soon!

* Up to 5 free transfers per month.

The card enables you to spend your crypto conveniently anywhere. It is the interface between real world commerce and your crypto holdings.

With the card, you are set to enjoy:

  1. Spend in your local currency with 0% fees. No need to go through the cumbersome route of off-ramping into your bank account to spend.

  2. 0% FX Fees. No markup, no hidden spread, just easy spending across the world!

  3. Reward points. Earn points on every spend and various actions throughout the app. We will unveil the secret reward store soon~

  4. Additional Benefits and rewards as cardholders*. Learn more about ongoing promotions here.

* Subject to cardholder terms and conditions

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