Setting up your BasedApp account
Written by Jun Hao Lim
Updated over a week ago

You can sign up and access BasedApp on our web portal at

You will be able to signup and secure your account with a variety of methods:

  • A regular crypto wallet like Metamask, Rabby, Trezor or Ledger


  • Google/ Email/ Phone Login (Powered by An EOA wallet will be generated by , which you control via your social login address of your choosing.

After you have signed up for the account, a BasedApp wallet will be created for you.

Do take note that the wallet address for the BasedApp wallet will defer from your EOA wallet. Tokens sent to the EOA wallet will not automatically be transfered to the BasedApp wallet. You should only send funds to the BasedApp wallet address.

At launch, BasedApp will be optimized for the web. Mobile app launch is part of our roadmap and we will inform you when it is available.

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